Introducing the Authors

Greg Malouf

Widely acclaimed as the master of modern Middle Eastern cooking, Greg Malouf has transformed theAustralian restaurant scene with his innovative food, and his influence has spread through Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East. Greg is the executive chef at MoMo restaurant in Melbourne’s GrandHyatt Hotel, where he delights diners with the flavours of his heritage, presented with exciting contemporary flair. Greg travels widely for masterclasses and guest chef appearances. He also consults to restaurants in Melbourne, Broome, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Jordan.

Lucy Malouf

Lucy Malouf is a Melbourne-based food writer and editor. In addition to the books written with her former husband, Greg Malouf, she is the author of The food and wine lover’s guide to Melbourne’s bays and peninsulas, and The Season’s Plate Cookbook. In between the time she spends travelling and writing, Lucy works as a freelance editor and advisor for several leading Australian publishers and contributes features and reviews to newspapers, restaurant guides and magazines, as well as food, wine, travel and tourism web sites.


A comment on Saraban-

‘Greg & Lucy: your SARABAN took me back to my childhood in the 60s -I am just old enough to remember the last of the camel caravans coming into town on the outskirts of Tehran – we would hear their bells and go running to see them traipse by – always a great spectacle! Your book is the most beautiful book I have seen on Iran and its culture, in… well, ever! Thank you for this gem!’


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